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Family Mediation Process 

Initial Consultation

We meet with you and your spouse or co-parent to discuss the mediation process and explore if this would be the right fit for you and your family. This initial consultation is completed via Zoom and costs $250.00.

Service Agreement

If you and your spouse or co-parent agree to move forward with mediation, an agreement will be sent to you for review and signature. Once returned, you will receive the necessary paperwork that is to be filed with the court to start your case and have our office officially appointed as your mediators. Once the appointment order is received, we will send you an e-mail outlining the next steps, i.e. homework. 


Before starting mediation, the following information may need to be obtained (which is not included in the mediation cost): 

  • Home Appraisals

  •  Asset Evaluations

  • Business Appraisals

  • 401K or Pension Evaluations (QDRO)

  • Financial Declaration Forms and Supporting Documentation

  • Confidential Statement of up to 10 pages, which must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of the mediation. 

Mediation Starts

Our process is to meet for 2-3 hour sessions until agreements have been reached on all court-related matters. Our initial session will include an opening statement by the mediator, the setting of ground rules, and the agenda building. Initially, it is our practice to meet in the same room, but we may break out into private 1:1 sessions when appropriate.  


As agreements are reached, we will reduce them to writing. If you have an attorney who is not present at the mediation, you may refrain from signing the agreements until you have the opportunity to consult with your attorney in between sessions.

Possible Outcomes 

  1. We reach a full agreement which is signed by all parties and filed with the courts. 

  2. We reach a partial agreement which is filed with the court, and we send an update to the court outlining the issues that still need to be decided. 

  3. If a total of 15 hours of mediation has been provided, and no agreements have been reached, the Mediation will be considered to have failed, and will send notice to the court that mediation was unsuccessful. 

Cost of Mediation Services 

The initial consultation is $250.00 which is due at the time of scheduling. 

The following is a flat fee for mediation services: 

  • Modification of an existing parenting plan $1500.00

  • Divorce without children $2000.00

  • Divorce with children and a prior agreed parenting plan, $2000.00 

  • Divorce with children, without a prior agreed parenting plan, $3000.00

Financing is available through Client Pay (Affirm) and can be explored further by selecting the "Make Payment" tab below and under the payment method selecting "Pay Later." 

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