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At Schuller & Associates, we have a passion

for helping families successfully

transition through separation and divorce.


Jeffrey L. Vollmer and Angeline R. Schuller are mental health professionals committed to supporting families through the challenges of separation and divorce.

Jeffrey offers specialized services in co-parenting counseling, reunification counseling, reconciliation counseling, and conscious uncoupling, ensuring each family finds the best path forward. Jeffrey also serves the family court as a therapeutic visitation supervisor. 

Angeline, a Registered Domestic Relations Mediator in the state of Indiana, provides mediation to help families navigate disputes with compassion and fairness. Angeline also serves the family court as a Guardian ad Litem, and Parenting Coordinator. 

Together, Jeffrey and Angeline strive to create positive outcomes for families during difficult transitions.

Dorian Laumann is a Licensed Mental Health Professional with over 20 years of experience dedicated to supporting families in healing after separation and divorce. She offers co-parenting counseling, reunification counseling, and serves as a Registered Domestic Relations Mediator in the State of Indiana, ensuring families navigate challenges with empathy and expertise.

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