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At Schuller & Associates, we have a passion

for helping families successfully

transition through separation and divorce.

Angeline R. Schuller started her career as a Social Worker who specialized in working with high-conflict co-parents, and parent-child contact issues.


Ms. Schuller went on to receive specialized training and now serves the court as a Guardian ad Litem, Custodial Evaluator, Parenting Coordinator, and Registered Domestic Relations Mediator. 

Jeffrey L. Vollmer is a Licensed Mental Health Professional who specializes in working with families in transition. 


Prior to joining Schuller & Associates, Jeff conducted investigations and in-home studies for the Illinois Department of Child Services.  Jeff now serves the courts as a Limited Scope Guardian ad Litem.

Jeff Vollmer.jpg

Dorian Laumann is a Licensed Mental Health Professional with over 20 years of experience helping families reunify after separation and divorce. 

Ms. Laumann serves the court as a Co-Parenting Educator and Coach, and Registered Domestic Relations Mediator in the State of Indiana. 

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